Geometry is an Ancient Greek geo -earth and metro- branch of Mathematics based on measurement for understanding the organization of shape, size, composition and properties of space in nature. As natures design models intrinsic harmonics and proportion, humans mimic these mathematical ratios in patterns creating architecture, art and music.

Arezoo Moseni
Reve #4 from Reves Series
red wine on linen
12″ x 12″ 2012

“The configuration of my drawings are driven by a series of interconnected tetrahedrons inspired by Kepler’s planetary motion laws, Euler’s polyhedron formula, and Fuller’s synergetic geometry. ”

Richard Roger Paradis
Director of the University of Vermont Natural Areas Center and Senior Lecturer in the Environmental Program at UVM.
Aeriel Ice

“The image was taken from the air in late March. We were flying over Shelburne Pond in Shelburne, Vermont in the morning. The winter ice had been melting off of the pond over the previous several days. A cold snap refroze some of the melted water and brought some new snow and wind the day before we flew over the pond. The small target-like holes are called Lake Stars. They likely formed as a result of the weight of snow or melt-water pressing down on thin ice allowing for small holes to begin forming and then water bubbling up through the hole causing differential melting forming the finger-like extensions from the central hole.”