Aesthetic Urge

AESTHETIC URGE is our 50,000 year old awareness of beauty. For seven million years early humans did not have a consciousness distinct from their environment yet the urge for creating was always intrinsic. Then many years later modern humans evolved into people who for the first time saw themselves as separate from the whole of nature. This manifested into a complex communication system such as drawing from observation. photograph photograph

Motion is the stimulus urging creativity by which reorganization and making things becomes the primary function. The Aesthetic urge is a desire for deeply satisfying reciprocal relationships within Nature’s sensuous beauty. Its an ecological condition as it is an inherent mental and physical human power. Aesthetics is the result of synergistic relationships between at least two or more things fulfilling a biological desire for equilibrium. Aesthetics evolved as a condition between humans producing what is not independently obtainable. It is our consciousness, our inherent knowing the whole of existence and our place within it. The emergence of consciousness 1.8 million years ago, made it possible to replace the genetic mechanisms of evolution with more efficient social ones, based upon conceptual thought and symbolic language. Brain development began to allow human processing of sensory information. We began to manifest consciousness using expansive tools of communication with visual imagery. Encoding its meaning and communicating its new information to others became an efficient way of sustaining a natural balance in life. This became an aesthetic way of life and a condition on which human sustainability continues to rely.

Aesthetics is what drives humans to want to create and reproduce both animate and inanimate forms. Humans mimic the function of genetics modeling repetition of information. Natures information is made of all substance from vibration to atom to bacteria and all of its infinite combinations, compositions and generations of them.

Our creations, ancient active information are newly adaptive patterns. Life passes information assuring inheritance. Inheritance is life’s way to keep ones own genetics alive..the intrinsic life desire. Art is a generation of our genetics; genetics are embedded in each and every one of our millions of cells. Art is a manifestation of bacterial genetic transfer of cellular information from humans such as cells dividing to make more cells. By reproducing they each carry the prior information into next exertions over billions of years and still in process. Art is a form of cell division in a sense. Although it is not biotic itself, the copied information in art could be a cellular mitosis. The information stored in our cells transform into new compositions as does all life which is an adaptation to new environmental conditions.

The intrinsic relationship between aesthetics and art is the actual sustainable condition on which human survival depends. Aesthetics are a genetic consciousness of beauty. Beauty is satisfying because of its inherent balance in nature both physiologically and mentally, a reconstitution of original processes. We maintain and re-organize substance or what we are by manifesting it in various aspects of symbiotic reproduction. As in all living processes, self organization is a continual flow where the system maintains reproduction in a whole complex system. This process is the nature of equilibrium initiated by living in momentum of perpetual motion.