Why Learn Living Systems


“Life emerges from the arrangement of the ingredients (strings,or whatever); life is not carried by the individual ingredients. Beethoven’s 9th symphony is not carried in any single note played by one of the violins. It emerges from the collection of all the instruments playing all the notes.” Brian Greene

edadler.com Outside of Bob's place 30 x 40

edadler.com Outside of Bob’s place 30 x 40

MayBe Art views schools as learning, living systems, grounded in the principles of Deep Ecology. Modeling the fundamental creative processes of all living systems, we address the question of how art presents a global vision of sustainable development and connection to nature. Our goal is to make sense of an holistic living system of art portraying processes of bio-diverse living as developing, self-organizing, adapting and renewing communities where each of us practice unique patterns of behavior. An ethical community is intrinsically sustainable supporting the health and quality of present and future generations. It recognizes the need for justice, and for physical, emotional, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual development. Gathering information in just a few forms is not enough to achieve a truly sustainable future. At this time in history, we shift our minds into active ecologically based systems thinkers with our advanced intellectual understanding. Systems Thinking of MayBe Art is a different way of looking at the issues we face: It combines rigorous investigation of conventional western and eastern scientific thought with experiential, intuitive learning processes in understanding our participation in the natural world.

This type of education looks deeply into how and why we have, historically, parsed our parts, contexts, and our understanding of art and refocuses the lens on developing holistic observational skills. These skills provide us with the capacity for self-renewal and the ability to contribute energy to our living system. To sustain a community John Seed says is the search for a viable consciousness like the mind of our ancestors must time and again have been forced to transcend itself. In order to do this we encourage self reliance, an ethical practice where diversity is the energy moving a system towards cooperation.

Living Systems are open self organizing living things that interact with their environment. These systems are maintained by flows of information, energy and matter. Underlying these dynamical transformations are creative processes. The human dynamic is manifested in making things to then understand those things that we make. Making things is how we participate in evolution. This action or energy of cycling reorganization provides all biota with sustainable information.

MayBe Art is shaping the universality and cooperation in nature as a living system.

MayBe Art is resilient because of its biodiversity or its creative function to utilize an individuals potential in a whole web of dynamical relationships.

MayBe Art is a system of communication (all things living need to exchange bio-diverse information to survive). This information carried genetically and cellular is encoded in every generation. Art carries quantum instructions of how to live now and in the future.

MayBe Art models systems thinking holistically meaning that its processes show how all things small to large are in necessary interconnections. This is how life works otherwise it dies out.

MayBe Art joins other organizations in organizing this belief system strengthening vital human potential towards human survival by designing holistic models in visual, acoustic, written, animated and numerical forms.