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Elizabeth G. Davis


Esther Cohen poet and author titled “MayBe Art”
Gwen Adler
Cynthia Pannucci founder-director Art & Science Collaborations
Mary Sheerin
John Manzi
Lee Hudson

“A divine purpose in evolution is nothing less than God’s undertaking to create creators, that he may have, besides himself, beings worthy of his love.” Henri Bergson

“But suppose we are Nature. Suppose we are one more interesting crop of a universe whose nature is fecundity and whose manifestations are infinite. Suppose there is no divorce. And that drawing closer to nature is not so much an outer journey to some distant exotica but a journey in the exact opposite direction, inward to an awakening of what is already contained within. What we so fervently desire to join is joined, just veiled. And the artistic, creative processes lift the veil. ” Peter London

Lisa Jacobson
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