MayBe Art is an ONTOLOGY

“It has been speculated that watching the movement of stars gave humans their first hints of order in the universe.” Frank Wilczek from Longing For Harmonies.

Lisa Jacobson
oil on linen
12″ x 14″

Harvard Glass Plate Observatory Star Tracing 1880
Alison Doane, Curator of Astronomical Photographs at the 
Harvard College Observatory


Ontology is the process of tracing from the earliest form to the present. It is life’s ability to constitute forms. J. B. Robinet said that everything that has a form has a shell ontogenesis, and life’s principle effort is to make shells. He describes the natural graduation of forms of existence, or the attempts made by nature while learning to create humanity. In our current information technology, an ontology is the working model of entities and interactions in some particular domain of knowledge or practices, such as electronic commerce. In artificial intelligence, AI, an ontology is, according to Tom Gruber, an AI specialist at Stanford University, “the specification of conceptualizations, used to help programs and humans share knowledge.” In this usage, an ontology is a set of concepts – such as things, events, and relations – that are specified in some way (such as specific natural language) in order to create an agreed-upon vocabulary for exchanging information.