MayBe Art is a PATTERN

Lisa Jacobson
oil on canvas
11″ x 14″

Allison Doane
Curator of Astronomical Glass Plate Collection, Harvard College
Star Mappings 1880
Harvard Glass Plate Observatory


Art is both processes and motion and parts within them. Art patterns are linked to the understanding of metabolic, developmental and universal processes. Understanding these facts arises from understanding the patterns and processes by which nature sustains life. From the unique patterns of culture to Nature’s cycles; art is a process-view of the cosmos. Art as a living system are understood by the abstractions of patterns in the world around us: numerical patterns, patterns of shape, patterns of motion, patterns of reasoning and meaning. The continual complexity of life is organized into patterns which repeat themselves—theme and variations at each level of system. Art models these patterns in interdependent networks of relationships forming cultures. Culture forms patterns as unique changes in natural systems that cycle in evolutionary time.