MayBe Art is PHOTONS

Lisa Jacobson
oil on linen
18″ x 24″

John Manzi
“O Study- 3”
Digital Photograph

Bio-photons are the particle aspect of light waves possibly being carried in human cellular structures then exposed as imagery. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp believes that photons are permanently emitted from biological systems. All matter/energy recycles and gradually adapts to new forms in evolutionary time. This process of the evolution and development of form is called a morphogenesis. The light in what we make such as art may be a light years arrival from our early universe. As we are made of everything that once was, our cellular memory may expose photons of light in our new organizations or the things that we make. A light-year isn’t a unit of time, but a unit of distance that’s based on light having a speed limit. That 30-year-old black hole for example is 50 million light-years away.That means the light from the black hole (technically, the light from superheated material falling into the black hole) left its point of origin about 50 million years ago. What we see from Earth is the way the black hole looked about 30 years after it formed. These objects may be around 13 billion years old, but we’re seeing them as they existed shortly after the big bang. We maybe seeing that same 50 million year old light in art.