Jose Cedillos
Adobe Photoshop (3 layers)

Montage created with random selection of tools from Image, Layer, and Filter palettes. Bricolage is a process of self organizing construction or creation of a work from a diverse range of things that happen to be available. Cedillos learned naïve Bricolage by being born into a Mexican-American migrant fieldworking family. “We fixed everything with broken parts and pieces of other things. We made tools from discards and scraps. Poverty made us inventive. Labor-saving ideas were quickly passed along and copied, anything to make work easier. Naïve Bricolage (also called “crude materialism”) always breaks down because life for “the poor” also always breaks down. In this world of constant breakage, repairs are transitory, made for the moment only.”

Dr. Nadrian Seeman, of New York University’s chemistry department, is known as the “father of DNA nanotechnology” because he founded the field of Structural DNA Nanotechnology. This area of chemistry uses the information inherent in DNA for structural purposes. Branched DNA molecules that can be designed to self-assemble from synthetic strands are central to this effort. Ultimate goals for this approach include the assembly of a biochip computer, nanorobotics and nanofabrication and the exploitation of the rational synthesis of periodic matter. This methodology also has applications to DNA Based Computing