Lisa Jacobson
oil painting on linen
24″ x 40″

Francis Perrin Cloud Chamber Photoelectron Spectroscopy image study of the electronic structure of matter. A particle cloud chamber is a device that makes visible to the human eye the presence of certain particles and cosmic rays.

Research image of Mary Jo Nye
Horning Professor in the Humanities and Professor of History Emeritus, History of Modern Physical Sciences

All matter is the same because all matter is made up of atoms. Matter is also different because objects can be made up of different kinds of atoms. Atoms are made from a nucleus of protons and neutrons and a cloud of electrons. Electrons are in constant motion around the nucleus, while the protons and neutrons move within the nucleus. Neutrons and protons are each composed of three quarks. As far as scientists can tell at the moment, quarks and electrons are among the most fundamental forms of matter. Some believe that everything is made of consciousness, energy and various frequencies of vibrations which allow people on earth to experience matter in solid properties. Matter is continually changing form both chemically ( from one substance to another) and physically or another version of itself like humans when we evolve over millions of years and when we grow and age in a life time. the process is called morphogenesis or the beginning of the shape.