MayBe Art is GENETIC

Rosalind Franklin
Crystallographic positive etched into Photogravure print

X-ray diffraction images of DNA led to the discovery of DNA double helix. DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) plays essential roles in cell metabolism and genetics, and the discovery of its structure helped scientists understand how genetic information is passed from parents to children.
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY

Gwen Adler
24″ x 36″
digital photograph

David Christian talks about the efficiency of human sustainability through memory. He says that you don’t stabilize the individual you stabilize the template which carries the thing that carries the information which replicates and copies itself. DNA has info about how to make who we are and spreads the information even after what are gone. DNA accumulates information learned. Humans utilize a language system which accumulates in the collective memory and outlives the individual and their learned information. This is why we have a history and why we are so powerful and creative. Humans are collective learners. Each human migration forced learning to adapt to the environment. He says that we are a “global brain” of learning at warp speed.
The Big History Project was founded by Bill Gates and David Christian and seeks to bring our shared history to life for high school students. Imagine exploring 13.7B years from before the Big Bang to modernity. Big history reveals common themes and patterns that help students better understand people, civilizations and the world we live in.