MayBe Art is BEDOUIN

Bedouin people are found throughout the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa and are considered to be the original Arab. Their nomadic living in open desert conditions as pastoralists (of land or a farm) grazing camels, sheep and goats requires them to move constantly from pasture to pasture because of water scarcity. This is considered by Arab’s the best representation of adaptors in Arab culture’s purest way of living. Maintaining the unsettlement of migration, Bedouin’s developed distinct rich, oral, poetic tradition of kinship networks. This provides them with community support and the basic necessities for survival.

“I wander through the desert of Mount Sinai and St. Catherine’s monastery; a pilgrimage joining my past as an Egyptian and possibilities of a future. I always miss the desert; its silence, light, vastness, crisp colors, and the mystery of the Bedouin women; their shape and form mirroring lines and forms found in the desert rocks and mountains. Their shadows move across the ground in their migration from one place to another symbolic of the fleeting and ever changing essence of life. Painting in Egypt has been for me a personal passaging into liberation and higher place echoing the Israelites who once thousands of years ago roamed through Mount Sinai reaching their promised land.” Teriz Michael

Teriz Michael
24 x 30, acrylic on canvas

Lisa Jacobson
26 x 30, oil on linen